The vast experience in the production of metals and welding wires allowed Dall'Orto Edilio to acquire expertise and experience in the field, thus ensuring high performance even in the field of manufacturing of anti-friction alloys.


Processing of White metals
The anti-friction white metals are elements essentially used in:
  • bushings and bearings of all the moving mechanical parts
  • combustion, gas, electric, diesel engines
  • Turbines
  • Dynamos
  • Mills
  • Winches in general.
The anti-friction metal can be produced in the form of blocks or rods, according to the requests from customers: it is up to the staff of the company of Genova to evaluate the best proposal with the client, according to the high standards required in this area.


Primary metals

Alloys are produced with primary metals and thermally treated in compliance with the current criteria, responding perfectly in terms of mechanical and physical properties.

The alloys used are: Sn 80% - Sn 83% - Sn 85% - Sn 90%

The melting points vary depending on the alloy: from 420 °C to 490 °C.

"BRINELL" Hardness at 20 °C Kg. 18/29 per 2 mm

Contact the Genova office for more information or to request a personalised advice: anti-friction metals are just one of our possibilities of intervention.

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