To perform the welding, and assemblies between the metal parts, the lead free wire represents as a true landmark, thanks to mechanical, physical and technical top-notch.


aluminium welding

The types of lead-free wire, or unleaded, produced by the Dall'Orto Edilio company- based in Genova - distinguished and differentiate depending on the different amounts of tin and silver present in their chemical composition. The Genova-based company offers solutions for the latest generation, designed specifically to guarantee excellence in all applications.


metallic products for welding

The available tin wire for welding at the company can be:

  • Unleaded, Silvertin Extra Tin alloy consists of High Grade 99.9 and 99.9 pure silver, in the ratio of 96.5% Sn./ 3.5% Ag. It is used primarily for its resistance and its excellent penetrating properties. It is also used for the production of self-sealing wire.
  • With lead, Tenderness super rapido e Tenderness super rapido extra The first alloy consists of 50% tin - 50% lead with three parts of activated rosin, great power de-oxidizer with a residual insulation. Second alloy: Sn 60% - Pb 40% with three parts of weakly activated and chlorine-free rosin, but with very high de-oxidizer functions.

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