Among the products and services that we guarantee are:Self-sealing wire: TENDERNES SUPER RAPIDO; Rods for welding: D.E. NORMAL and LOW MELTING POINT DE; anti-friction white metal; tin alloy/silver wire: SILVERTIN EXTRA; "WEL": Alloy fuses for safety; De-oxidising powder for soft soldering and copper pipes: SILVERGEL; State diagram.



Dall'Orto Edilio processes white metals and alloys.The vast experience of the company in production of tin wire for welding also guarantees high performance in the filed of production of anti-friction alloys.The types of lead-free or unleaded wire are characterised and differ depending on the different amounts of tin and silver present in their chemical composition.


Metal welding

Dall'Orto Edilio produces tin wire for welding from chemical and mechanical characteristics to ensure a high resistance.The rods for carrying out welding, produced by the firm in Genova made of tin and lead alloys, can be half-round and have a length of 400 mm and varied width between 8 and 10 mm.

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